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Everyone Was Right

Everyone was right.

It was hard to believe it. When the well meaning strangers would come to ogle the many small children in the shopping cart and tell me, "You know, it goes way too fast. Hold on to it now. You'll blink and they'll be grown". I knew they meant well, but when I had three kids two and under, then four kids four and under, and then five kids five and under, it was hard to believe.

But, everyone was right.

Yesterday my sweet second-born turned seven. He is closer to eighteen with each passing minute. Closer to leaving the house and heading out for the biggest adventure. Liam is an adventurer. His heart is always yearning to explore. Looking for the next exciting thing, the things that spark his curiosity. When he was a chubby faced toddler that curiosity lended to what is on top of the pantry. Now his curiosity leads him down different roads, wondering what's just past his line of sight. Those chubby toddler hands that would grab at mine because he needed me to go with him because there was uncertainty in the unknown are now big kid hands. Hands that still hold mine, but no where near as tightly. His hands are loosening their grip on mine because the unknown no longer holds the same scary uncertainty it once did. I'm watching with excitement and sadness as I realize he is growing up, they all are, and they don't need me like they once did.

Everyone was right, but hold my hand a little longer children. I'm not ready for you to let go.

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